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Lucian Slatineanu, nominated as one of the best designers in the world

0 May 9, 2013 |

Business Insider, one of the leading online tech publications in the world, compiled a list of best designers in the world.
Whether they are gadget designers, app designers, or web designers, Business Insider wanted to know about them.

Lucian-Slatineanu-EmblematiqLucian Slatineanu was thus nominated as one of the best web designer by Romanian’ Startups founder Mircea Goia. Mircea Goia worked with him at – the filmmaker’s platform (Mircea is involved there as an advisor/marketing and shareholder) where Lucian did the visual aspect of the website. He also helped a lot in the designing of the user experience on

Lucian is in a good company, along Jonathan Ive (#1 – Apple), Tony Fadell (#5 – Nest), James Dyson (#13 – Dyson), Shaun Modi (#33 – AirBnB), Marcos Weskamp (#42 – Flipboard), Jason Putorti (#47 – Causes), Josh Puckett (#59 – DropBox) and others.


As you see on his freelancer website,, Lucian has also worked for Apple, Groupon, Motorola, Change, and Chevron having worked in this field since 1999.
He was born and raised in Romania but he is living in Chicago, IL since 2005. Previosuly he worked at a well know Romanian web design shop, Grapefruit.

Lucian is now an independent consultant and worked with clients from all over the world, more than 100 in total, spanning over 15 countries and 4 continents, from big multinational corporations and Fortune 500 companies to small, one-person start-ups.


Congratulations, Lucian!

Here is his nomination, along with other 75 designers.

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