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DefCamp 2013 – international hacking and security conference in Romania

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defcamp-logoBetween November 29 to 30 at the Crystal Palace Ballroom, Bucharest will host one of the most mesmerizing hacking & information security events in Romania – DefCamp.
The event has as special guests Raoul Chiesa, founder and president of The Security Brokers and Carsten Eiram, Chief Research Officer at Risk Base Security.

Having reached its foruth edition this year, Defcamp is a conference with tradition in Romania. This fall’s event will involve its participants in discussions on 0days, PRISM, mobile security problems, DDOS, networking, P2P networks, social engineering, camera surveillance, application security research, lock picking and secure system administration. The presentations are held by specialists like Raoul “Nobody” Chiesa president of The Security Brokers and Carsten Eiram, Chief Research Officer at Risk Base Security these being the Defcamp 2013 keynote speakers.


The list is hardened by Kizz MyAnthia, Senior Penetration Tester – Shadowlabs at HP Enterprise Security, Nathan LaFollette “httphacker”, Senior Security Consultant – Shadowlabs at HP Fortify, Nir Valtman, R&D Chief Security Officer @Retalix, Milan Gabor, CEO at Viris, Adrian Furtuna, Security Consultant at KPMG Romania, Bogdan Alecu, System Administrator at Levi9 and speaker with a history at Defcamp, and also Alex Negrea, Co-founder of

Defcamp 2013 is the biggest event in the information security and hacking domain in Romania, expecting over 300 participants from Romania and neighboring countries, participants with different levels of expertise – from students to industry leaders and experts in cyber security and research.

The DCTF (DefCamp Capture the Flag) will have an on line qualifying round scheduled to start on the 15th of November, followed by a duel during the event between the final teams. CTF topics are extremely varied and challenging – exploits, cryptography, programming, stenography, forensics, reverse engineering are just a few of the topics from the 25 problems in the qualifying round.

Similar activities, like DCTF, but dedicated directly to the participants of the event are Hack the Machine and App2Own where everyone will have at their disposal different services and services to put their skills to the test and win awards.

We have awaited the 48 hours of DefCamp 2013 since the closing moment of the last edition. It is hypnotizing to exchange ideas, to compete, to expand your knowledge and to meet people who you know only from the virtual world. DCTF (DefCamp Capture the Flag) – our main competition of the conference, Hack the Machine, App2Own, Spot the Cop, Wall of Sheep are just a few of the activities that will try to captivate your attention at Defcamp 2013. Sometimes I wish I could participate for me to fully enjoy these moments!”, said Andrei Avădănei founder and coordinator of the Defcamp conference.


Until the 20th of October those interested to register for the conference can receive a discount of 20%.
Moreover, cities like Iasi, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara will not be forgotten. This year under the slogan “Defcamp to your home” the pilot project 127.0.Def.Camp, event of a day that will gather speakers and local participants in the three cities at the end of October.

DefCamp managed to, in just 3 editions, be the most awaited conference in the entire information security and hacking scene in Romania. Its the perfect time to join and feel the vibes.

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