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Romanian startups are invited to Timisoara Business Days 2014

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business-days-logoOn the 2nd and 3rd of April 2014, in Timisoara will take place the starting event of the 2014 Business Days series, which is the most important platform fully dedicated to provide support for the Romanian entrepreneurial environment. Business Days returns to Timisoara for the third time ( and brings along the already traditional event format with plenty of novelties, also international speakers – experts in the very recent domains of the business world. Timisoara Business Days will be hosted by Centrul de Evenimente Hotel Club Senator & Expovest (the Events Center at Hotel Club Senator & Expovest).


The anniversary edition of this 4 year old Romanian business event with the biggest impact will incorporate, among many others the following:
– 4 conferences (a total of 44 inspirational presentations),
– 16 workshops with more than 50 experts, consultants, entrepreneurs, managers, professional trainers and moderators who will assist the participants in their development of managerial and entrepreneurial abilities within the frame created by the interactive sessions and exchange of experiences,
– 4 round tables (with debates focused on some hot topics with huge direct impact in the Romanian business environment, involving more than 48 prestigious guests from various fields).
One of the novelties brought by the present edition is a special workshop dedicated to leaders, held by the famous conductor and neuroscience expert, maestro Giorgio Fabbri, dedicated to a new kind of intelligence for an innovative leadership.

One of the events will be dedicated to the technology entrepreneurship having speakers like Radu Georgescu, Andrei Pitis, Radu Ticiu, Horatiu Moldovan and Daniel Giurea.

Amongst the invited speakers of the present edition one can find famous personalities of the business world, such as Radu Georgescu, Marius Ghenea, Eberhard Jung, Giorgio Fabbri, Cristian Secosan, Mru Patel, Dragos Anastasiu, Felix Pătrăscanu, Sergiu Neguţ, Adrian Cioroianu, Felix Daniliuc, Ovidiu Chiorean, Voicu Oprean, Mihai Stănescu, Amalia Sterescu, Sorina Bradea, Florentin Banu, Gabriella Pacso, Ovidiu Toader, Andrei Rosca, Răzvan Ogârcin, Cornelia Bedros, Adrian Bădescu, Cristian Nacu, Diana Vitan Martinas, Adrian Florea and many others.


“Among our constant preoccupations, a special chapter is dedicated to the development of the entrepreneurial spirit and also to the support offered for those who start their journey on this road full of challenges of entrepreneurship”, says László Pacsó, Coordinator of Business Days events.

“We still believe that the continuous development of the relations existing between the academic and business environment can play an essential role in the process of what we call the birth of a healthy business environment in our country, also it might provide support for the new generation in finding its role in society. We will continue to develop partnerships with all the important universities in the country and also to play our catalyzing role in building a functional bridge for communication and interaction with the business environment. The platform of Business Days will have a key role in this. We will continue to develop our relationships with local administrative institutions, in order to facilitate the dialogue and to start different joint projects with the business environment, but also to generate some viable solutions for implementing the strategies regarding the development of the great urban agglomerations. We are confident that the debates and discussions of the round tables will contribute significantly to the first steps towards this direction, says László Pacsó.”

With its unique architecture, BUSINESS DAYS offers its participants the possibility to assimilate information coming from four different parts, so that they can obtain a triple gain: inspiration, ideas and potential business partners:

* Conferences – their role is to charge up the participants with positive energy and also to offer ideas by analyzing the tendencies and opportunities for development;

* Workshops – aiming to develop skills and abilities by change of experiences and interaction. There is a special focus on the practical component, case studies, questions and answers sessions and by these means the participants have the opportunity to expose the problems they meet in order to get useful ideas, solutions or resources.

* Formal sessions of business networking – their role is to create business opportunities and to identify potential partners or collaborators. Arranging appointments is facilitated by the use of the mobile application called meet me, used by the participants interested in matchmaking at the location of the event. The meet me application has been developed by the organizers to search, filter and sort the participants ‘ database using four criteria: field of activity, position, company and name. Matchmaking meetings are also open for participants from neighbouring countries, like Hungary and Serbia.

* Start-up support – actions dedicated to start-ups (tech startups included), focused on three main directions: testing the business idea, product or service, taking advantage of the presence and feed-backs of the audience; meeting mentors and investors and, finally, promoting the business via 3 minute presentations delivered for the participating entrepreneurs and managers.


In the first two weeks of the campaign, namely the 16th March 2013, until 23:59 Business Days will provide an early-bird offer for each participant, which consists of a special discount of 15% to any type of pass for the events.

The costs of the passes and the application form can be found at the following website: The BASIC and PREMIUM passes are considered MULTIPASS giving access to the selected event for more participants with the same badge, but not simultaneously. Students benefit of a 50% discount based on their student cards, but they can apply for a limited number of seats only. is a Partner of Business Days and supports any entrepreneurial event in Romania.

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