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City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

WeLoveDigital is the coolest co-working space for sharing experience, ideas, inspiration and creativity for innovative digital projects.


Renting an office in WeLoveDigital opens the gates to a passionate and resourceful community where people are drawn by the same passion: digital. They want to transform the web, to change how mobile works, to add their digital fingerprint.
Everything is happening in a modern and unconventional co-working space, Google style. Meet the space that offers you expertise and input of online entrepreneurs, creative solutions from digital people and inspiration that will enhance your projects.
WeLoveDigital is THE hub and community for online entrepreneurs in Romania, the place where you simply rent an office and get added value for your work.
We are situated in the center of Bucharest, so that everybody can reach us easily and because time is priceless.

Can accomodate
Over 50 people
Number of rooms
Over 3
Looking for startups in...
Open hours
Monday-Friday, 8AM - 9PM
Co-working Space Location
30, Dacia Boulevard
Bucharest, Romania
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