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Bucharest Technology Week
City: Bucuresti
Country: Romania
From: 05/24/2019 to: 05/26/2019

An immersive one week celebration of technology around the city


Bucharest Technology Week reunites tech enthusiasts and leaders for one week of gatherings across the city. With events that range from flagship conferences to large exhibitions and small meet-ups, the concept is designed to create a networking and learning platform for the 10,000+ attendees.

Showing you the latest industry solutions and products, Bucharest Technology Week will give you a glimpse into your future, both in your personal and professional life.

Briefly, Bucharest Technology Week means:
• 4 days of conferences at Athénée Palace Hilton hosted on the following topics: Innovation, Brands + Tech, Enterprise-IT, Java Dev
• 30+ international and local speakers
• 3 days of outdoor expo in Piata George Enescu, where the main attractions will be electric and hybrid cars, smart home and smart cities solutions, virtualy reality, robots, drones, gadgets and many more.
• 30+ partner events on the 4 main topics listed above + a start-up topic.

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The event is about...
Technology, in general
Looking for...
Other opportunities
Event Location
Bucuresti, Romania

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