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Dev.Play Conference
City: Bucharest
Country: 3
From: 09/01/2016 to: 09/28/2016

The First Romanian Conference on Game Development Powered By RGDA


Dev.Play Conference is the first Romanian conference dedicated to the game development industry! Join us for a two-day event to attend an exciting range of lectures and panels delivered by national and international experts!
Important names like: Ian Livingstone, Matthew Steinke, Samir el Agili and many more are present on the event’s agenda!
Dev.Play Conference is an event that has not only presentations, but also workshops and an Indie Pitch Contest.

The Indie Pitch Contest is an exercise, designed to help indie studios present their games in front of an audience consisting of investors and publishers.The studios will have a 6 min speech to present the game and 4 more minutes to answer the questions that might come from the 5 people that are in the jury. 6 games were already selected for the competition.

Dev.Play is an event organized and managed by the Romanian Game Developers Association. RGDA was founded in 2013 with the mission to develop and promote the game development industry in Romania. Its members currently cover over 90% of the local game dev professionals.
Through communication and information, RGDA aims to gather a community that is focused on delivering viable educational tools for those wanting to pursue a career in the industry.
Improving education in the field is the only viable way to grow and develop as an industry. By creating courses, lectures, workshops and roundtables, RGDA goes beyond industry by linking technology with education.
Dev.Play is thus perfectly in line with RGDA’s goals.

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Calea Dorobanți 5-7, Bucharest, 010551
Bucharest, 3
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