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City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
From: 11/28/2013 to: 11/28/2013

Starting point for: online entrepreneurs, web and mobile applications


NetCamp it’s the most famous event in Romania, organized by, dedicated to online entrepreneurship and web development projects.
NetCamp combines both entrepreneurs and local and international experts in the online environment to provide a complete image and meet the needs of start-ups and web projects on the Romanian market, while providing opportunities for networking and collaboration. It is a series of events designed to provide answers to the most important issues and challenges of entrepreneurs and at the same time to raise questions and collaborations in the community of application developers, web development projects and mobile.

Whether it is to lead the business, working on the promotion, design or programming, NetCamp provides all resources for development.

– Start-up Now! – will be the entrepreneurial lesson recurring from last year. It is the session of basic notions and direct responses to the questions that confronts entrepreneurs.
– WeWorkWeb – The idea of gathering together web designers and developers in an online community has a development in offline through this session at NetCamp.
– MobileDev – NetCamp is among the biggest supporters of the community of developers for mobile applications, providing them a half-day conference and opportunities for networking and learning.
– Mobile Demo – At NetCamp will be arranged a area where developers can exhibit, for free, their applications.

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