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RICAP Innovation Info
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
From: 06/11/2014 to: 06/30/2014

Find out how RICAP can help you market your innovation.


If you developed an innovative technology, whether in ICT, cleantech, agritech or any other field, and you want to learn more about the resources that you can access in your transition from the lab to the international market, and how RICAP can help you, we look forward to meeting you at the RICAP Innovation Info Events!

We will be talking about innovation and commercialization, the support offered by RICAP and the application process, together with some of the entrepreneurs and mentors in the RICAP community, Rohit Shukla, CEO Larta Institute, and the rest of the team.
Events will be held in Bucharest (June 11), Timisoara (June 12) and Brasov (June 16), as well as other locations soon to be announced. For more information and registration, please visit or send us an email at

RICAP is a program that aims to connect technology innovators in Romania with resources they need to bring their products to the international market. In the first edition, RICAP supported 15 innovators to become part of a great international network, go through a great mentoring program with top-class experts from the US and Romania, work on various useful commercialization tools, and even benefit from strategic introductions to potential partners in the US. Program partners: CRIDL and Larta Institute, funded by Romanian-American Foundation and supported by Gea Strategy & Consulting.

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Technology, in general
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Belgrad Street, no 10
Bucharest, Romania

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