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Start Me Up
City: Predeal
Country: Romania
From: 09/14/2014 to: 09/20/2014

The entrepreneurship school where participants learn to turn ideas into successful startups.


Start Me Up is the first and only entrepreneurship school in Romania where participants learn to turn ideas into successful startups. They form teams, generate ideas, write a business plan, and validate in the end their business concept by pitching in front of the jury. During the program, the attendants work with an international trainer and meet renowned mentors, established entrepreneurs that share their expertize.

Why attend?
• To learn the steps you have to follow to turn an idea into a successful business
• To learn how to write a business plan and how to pitch
• To network with successful entrepreneurs and investors
• To find potential business partners and meet like-minded young people
• To find the help needed to start your own company

The event is about...
Technology, in general
Looking for...
Event Location
Predeal, Romania
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