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Startcelerate Cluj
City: Cluj-Napoca
Country: Romania
All Year Round



Startcelerate platform connects European startups in need of development (looking for resources) directly with software development companies, helping them collaborate and launch their products faster, in a partnership-investment structure.

The goal is simple: for 2 weekends Startcelerate will help you build and find all the resources you need to launch your startup.

In the first weekend you will determine the riskiest parts of your startup.

The next week will be dedicated to validating your assumptions through experiments.

In the second weekend you will showcase your findings and get the resources you need to move forward.

In addition you have the chance to:

Theoretical Frameworks Applied
Lean Startup Methodology of Testing Risks
Customer Development Planning
Legal Workshop for Startups

Couture Spot success story
How to build a startup in Europe
How to invest in startups in exchange of equity
How to prepare and deliver a good pitch
How to build a successful startup from Romania
How to make a successful exit from a Romanian startup

European Entrepreneurs
Software Development Companies
Marketing, PR and Legal Professionals

The event is about...
Technology, in general
Looking for...
Other opportunities
Event Location
Str. Pitesti
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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