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Startup Grind Bucharest
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
All Year Round

Startup Grind - a global event created for educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs.


This monthly event includes an interview with a special guest, a Q&A session and a networking session made to encourage Romanian entrepreneurs to think big, to learn, to connect and to try more.
Events are hosted in more than 150 cities and 65 countries featuring successful founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to success. Startup Grind is made for entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs, people who are passionate about technology and innovation, who are making or about to make disruptive things. Anyone can use educational resources that creates or encourages successful ideas.


Started by Derek Andersen and Spencer Nielsen in February 2010 in a small office in Mountain View California, the original goal of Startup Grind was to bring together friends who would help each other. Now, this event became a real network that connects communities of entrepreneurs who believe in innovation and support economic growth.
Startup grind Bucharest joins the list of worldwide cities with entrepreneurship spirit like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Seattle, Toronto, Sydney, Singapore, London or Berlin.


We believe in making friends, not contacts. We believe in giving, not taking. We believe in helping others before helping yourself. We are truly passionate about helping founders, entrepreneurs and startups succeed. We intend to make their startup journey less lonely, more connected and more memorable.

The event is about...
Technology, in general
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Other opportunities
Event Location
Global Worth Campus A - Dimitrie Pompeiu 8
Bucharest, Romania
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