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Date a Startup is a platform whose purpose is to become a meeting point for entrepreneurs,students and graduates looking for internships. We are focused on helping startups get the right interns for their needs and students/ fresh graduates to find a startup where they can put their knowledge into practice and be put under the supervision of a mentor if it is to be their choice. We consult with the startups in order to understand their needs and their learning possibilities and on the other hand, together with the students, we will work on career orientation, so that the offered internship will fulfill their needs and it will help them move forward in their career. The platform incorporates a knowledge tracking system, that the students can fill in together with their supervisor and keep track of it until the end of their collaboration.This happens in order to acknowledge the professional development at the end of the internship, as well as to develop their entrepreneurial abilities.

The final objective is to invest in the professional education of young professionals in order to have better prepared human resources on the market place, as well as encourage more and more people to support the startups ,,industry and mindset’’. On the other hand, we want to make sure that startups will have great people to count on in their teams. Down the line, we are expecting that our future trainings that we will provide for startup owners will shift the classical mindset of ,,just doing the job’’into being great leaders.

Finally, our value proposition is to revolutionize the internships world, by providing educational tools that are helping young professionals kickstart their career.

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Piata Unirii, Bucharest
Bucharest, Romania
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