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The affiliate headhunting platform


As the request for IT professionals is increasing worldwide, companies have difficulties in promoting their job openings, as traditional job boards are no longer used by IT and other high demand professions . “Echoz” helps those companies by promoting their jobs naturally, directly in the IT professionals path, in the blogs and publications they read, or LinkedIn/Facebook groups which they follow.

“Echoz” works directly with external “affiliates” interested in earnings by promoting job openings. As an “affiliate headhunting” platform, “Echoz” allows companies to pay only when a successful hiring in done, so saving cash from unsuccessful job promotion campaigns.
Different from other similar products, “Echoz” is also publishing information relevant to IT professionals (where to eat, work environment, projects details, etc).
Also, the platform created an innovative mechanism for allowing entire teams to “apply” to company projects, which solves “organizational fit” issues that companies have with new employees on urgent projects.

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Under 10
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Zidurilor Street, 2nd District
Bucharest, Romania
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