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City: Cluj-Napoca
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Employee engagement platform for medium and large sized companies in creative industries.


Engager is the solution that enhances people (and the teams and organisations they are part of) and engages them in their work so that they can achieve performance, in a scalable way.

Employee engagement is an issue that burns companies worldwide, so much that is estimated that actively disengaged employees cost their companies between $450 and $550 billions USD / year in lost productivity (Gallup, State of the Global Workplace, 2013).

Current alternative solutions include: more monitoring & controlling, complicated HR tools, more perks & benefits or salary increases and bonuses. But these only cover the symptoms for a short time and roughly translate to throwing money at the problem.
This is also confirmed by the fact that an increasing number of global companies (see Accenture, GE etc.) are dropping performance management practices and many don’t have anything else to put in place.

We are a team of experts in employee engagement (doubled by a strong business and IT development expertise), tired of seeing people that don’t find meaning in their work, who are unsatisfied and their only “real” life is what’s happening outside of work.
That’s why we built Engager as a web application to engage people in their work and change the performance management practices, because they simply don’t work anymore.

We are research driven, we base our solution on empirical data and keep only the features that provide maximum employee engagement. The solution is very easy to use, friendly interface and has learning curve close to zero. We want Engager to be a habit building solution that users will return to every day/ week.

Engager is a solution that goes on a B2B, SaaS model.

The target market consists primarily in medium and large companies in the English speaking world, from creative industries or that have a considerable amount of knowledge workers.

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