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Felicitaro app sends printed personalized postcards created with a smartphone, from anywhere in the world.


Felicitaro is a free mobile app available on AppStore and GooglePlay. Instantly, you can create and send real personalized postcards directly from your smartphone. With Felicitaro, anyone can capture a moment, add a message and surprize their friends and family with real postcards.
Did you use to like checking the mailbox in the morning? Remember those days? Why not taking back this pleasure and creating a surprise for your partner? Have the mailman knock at your door again, with a printed postcard, enveloped, for your beloved. Easy, original, cheap, fast!

How does it work:
1. Take a picture or choose one from your photo gallery.
2. Add a message.
3. Sign your postcard with your finger.
4. Add one, two, three or more recipients.
5. Send it!

The postcard will be sent in an envelope, to protect your private data and the message.
Felicitaro app is perfect for holidays, birthdays, private events, invitations, etc.

Apart from the functionality itself, the newness of Felicitaro consists in its positioning – ‘your warm thoughts become material within 4 steps’ – and in the future vision of serving the eastern europe in the next two years with direct contracts with local printing houses. The easy to use and the speed of delivery are felicitaro’s USPs.

Funding to date
Series A
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Bucharest, Romania

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