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City: Cluj-Napoca
Country: Romania

Open Banking at work. FINQ is a middleware financial API aggregation platform to interconnect businesses and fintechs with banks.


FINQware is a API middleware platform with a single point of contact (API/SDK) at output available for different interesting companies (businesses – including enterprises, banks and fintechs) with financial data provided by banks and other financial providers. At input we leverage PSD2 APIs from banks, custom data exposure API and product wrapping APIs. The input connections are seen as “skills” and the data is enriched in our infrastructure and then exposed at the output end to tenants that can build frontend applications and services in order to create value it. Creating “skills” from digitalising sales origination processes with financial providers, we are also feeding cross-border financial marketplaces (like digital wallets, online e-commerce businesses) with a new revenue stream from commissions on financial products sales, increasing the distribution coverage of banks and financial providers, through a new channel for acquiring customers.

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Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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