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Gameleon is a web-based platform that allows you to make your own multiplayer browser games without requiring any programming skills on your behalf, while providing extensive options for monetizing and hosting your games.


Gameleon is a web-based platform that allows you to make your own multiplayer browser game or to gamify an activity – but it doesn’t require any programming skills on your behalf. It also handles the hosting and publishing of your web game and will even allow you to make money off your creations.

Think of it as a WordPress for games: we designed it so that you won’t need any programming skills or dedicated hardware. All you need is a browser, and imagination!
The Cloud Editor is the place where you create your game – this is where the magic happens. Open your favorite browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome or any browser supporting HTML5) and build your game there. You don’t have to be alone: one of the coolest features is being able to build games in collaboration. If you have a team, you can distribute tasks and work together (say, one of you can draft items, another quests, another the UI and graphics and someone can play test your game).

There will also be an Asset Market In case you want to browse ready made skins, models sounds, effects, maps or even ready-made levels for other games. The Asset Market is integrated with every one of Gameleon’s tools, allowing you to export or import (free or for a fee) any component of a game. You can put your own assets in the market and make a quick buck or just let others build using the cool stuff you’ve made!
You’ll be able to monetize your games using a built-in asset marketplace as well as through premium game content.

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