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Gazduire Verde
Private beta
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

First green web hosting service in Romania


Gazduire Verde is the first romanian web hosting company that uses servers powered exclusively by green energy!
The project’s vision is to create an online environment that won’t polute, starting from the energy used by the servers, that is exclusive green energy, and extending to the server’s components that consume up to 50% less energy, keeping the same performance.

Company’s services will be Shared Hosting, Virtual private servers, Dedicated Servers and also cloud hosting.

Gazduire Verde knows the importance of conserving natural resources, so that the next generations will benefit from it.
Alongside the green energy used by the servers, the company wishes to help the environment even more, by giving away a part of company’s profit to actions of tree planting and to green NGO’s.

At this moment, the company servers run in a green datacenter based in Netherlands, having as energy source a mix of wind and solar energy, and also an innovative cooling system.
The company hopes that in the next three years will be made a major investment in building the first green datacenter in Romania.

Start-up launch date to the general public: 1st of December 2013.

Funding to date
Under 10
Looking for...
Blvd. Timisoara
Bucharest, Romania
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