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City: Berkeley, CA
Country: USA

Remember everything you learn. Forever.


Most of us – students and lifelong learners – have to deal with a troubling fact: We quickly lose the ability to access and recall from memory a vast amount of newly-learned material. It really sucks when you consider the amount of invested time, money and energy put into studying, education, reading books, attending classes or even just reading great information on the web. What’s worse, it’s nearly impossible to build new layers of knowledge with the base or your knowledge rapidly slipping away.

There is a wealth of published scientific research that teaches us effective strategies for overcoming the forgetting curve and maintaining our recall of what we’ve learned, for as long as we desire. Foremost among these strategies are the enormous benefits of the testing effect and spaced repetition recall. Despite the solid proof that these methodologies and several other strategies, such as interleaving, are truly effective, few students and lifelong learners apply them to their benefit.

iDoRecall is building a solution that has an awesome user experience and is easy to integrate into your daily routine. We are committed to producing a toolset that won’t interrupt you or take you out of your flow state while you’re studying, reading or consuming content. We haven’t seen any existing technologies that even begin to properly address this fundamental and cardinal requirement. iDoRecall’s technology will make it easy for you to read, learn and remain in the flow while easily depositing your new learnings into a trusted system. iDoRecall will train you in a most seamless manner to develop robust long-term recall of everything that you’ve invested your time and effort in learning.

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