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City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

Smart wrist bands, used in Boxing, MMA and all other martial arts, that accelerates the progress and improves the athletes’ technique by tracking their speed, force, type of punch and much more.


The athlete wears his wrist bands under the gloves during every training. Press the LED button to connect to the mobile app and start training- it’s that easy! The app records all information about the workout and elaborates live or full training reports.

Tracks progress, detects key points for improvement, weak combinations patterns and provides detailed reports about training.

Provides custom goals for the amateur/ athlete and shareable goals to be achieved together with his/her team or friends.

App designed for the coach that enables him to train more students at once, and to get important feedback from training.

Compares the athlete’s best technique with sports icons or friends. Can share achievements with a worldwide community.

Funding to date
Under 10
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Web address
str. Constantin Balacescu, nr.15, sector 1
Bucharest, Romania
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