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City: Timisoara
Country: Romania

Social marketplace for handmade items.


Marketio it’s the social marketplace for handmade, natural, and vintage items, that wants to connect the craftsmen with the people around the world, in a simple, easy, fast and beautiful way.

By creating a beautiful platform and useful tools, people can create their own shops, add status updates, write tutorials, recommend products, follow favorite stores, or share their own experience using the products they just bought.

The main problem is that there are few marketplaces for handmade natural, and vintage items and almost all are just simple e-commerce stores. People want a more social platform. There are still a lot of craftsmen who sell their products just locally, on the street market.

The main target are craftsmen from all around the world who make beautiful handmade items.

Funding to date
Under 10
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Web address
str. Coriolan Brediceanu, nr. 10/D
Timisoara, Romania
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