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City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

Conversion optimization platform


Omniconvert (formely known as Marketizator) is a 3 in 1 conversion rate optimization platform, the first one specifically built for e-commerce & SaaS websites.
It covers 3 key-areas:
– Surveys: to get precious insights about what keeps specific segments of visitors to convert
– A/B Testing with a WYSISYG editor – change any text, image, or colours without technical skills
– Real time interactions: prompt the visitors with persuasive messages in key-moments (when they start leaving the website) in order to make them convert.
Based on our insights with the first 300 accounts, we are focusing on providing ready2use widgets in order to use the power of web personalization without any technical and design efforts.
On our road map we have:
– Automated conversion rate optimization system (just start/stop button required for 6 different conversion rate optimization methodologies)
– Localized testimonials (marketers could adjust the testimonials they’re putting on their website according to who’s visiting it. Simply select the attributes of their target audience: business/ casual dressing code, age, race, etc)
– Automated e-mail integrations
– KPI tracking system

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Bucharest, Romania
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