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Most Advanced Open Source Online Marketing Platform


We know you are wondering what OpenS is, what it does and how it can help your marketing efforts. Stay close and we will show you how OpenS can make your life better, how it can boost your performance and how it can help you earn money and receive appreciation from those that surround you.

OpenS stands for Open Source, Open SEO, Open SEM, Open SMM, Open SMO. We wanted to create something unique and useful at the same time.

OpenS is based on crawlers and algorithms which can analyze a massive amount of data. We are officially in the Big Data era and we want to process all of this data with a machine. As good as we can be in SEO, SEM or SMM, we still cannot do an in depth analysis of a website or of a campaign, or process a great deal of data by ourselves.

Thus, we have created this great platform – and we are giving it to you 100% Free, because we want to make the web a better place and to revolutionize the Search Engine Market.

At this moment, this beta version (free download) has support for SEO only and we want to make a quick review of what it does. We created a crawler that is similar with the search engines’ crawlers, that analyzes all pages in a site and finds all SEO related problems like missing titles, meta descriptions, headings, alt tags on images, canonicalization issues, duplicate content, internal linking and many more.

At the same time you can monitor your competitors, your link building efforts and make an ultra analysis of the niche, keywords and competitors. It is important to see where your competitors have backlinks and, as a result, we have integrated, through API connectors, all major link providers like MajesticSEO, Moz, aHrefs, SEOkicks, Blekko and many more.

The great advantage of this Open Source platform is that any of you can contribute to it, by making it better, faster and by inventing or reinventing Apps. We have a long way to go in improving our Apps, but we are 100% sure that our tool will make your life better.

The online marketing environment is changing every minute and we do not want to keep the pace with these trends. We want to reinvent the future and stay ahead of these changes. We think that this is the future and we are glad that we can contribute to it.

Stay close, we will keep you updated and, at the same time, we would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to Download OpenS any time you want.

We wish you Happy Optimizing! 🙂

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