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Public beta
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

Interactive platform for promotional jobs / promoter community


Promofriends is the first promoter/hostesses community and source for information and jobs from categories like: promotions, expositional fairs, congresses, conferences, marchandising, sampling, events for promoters, hostesses, personal catering.
What can you do on Promofriends:
– Each promoter and employer gets an account on the platform.
– The promoters can create an account and a detailed Setcard as their CV. The rich details and fotos available in the setcard, will make employers’ search for the perfect candidate easier
– The employers themselves can create an account and post jobs. The number of jobs that can be posted, will be delimited by the listing package they pay for.
– Promoters can browse the jobs and set filters for their job search.

Behind Promofriends there are Ciprian, the web designer, Dana, the graphic designer and Georgiana, the founder.

Funding to date
Under 10
Looking for...
Other opportunities
Campia Libertatii
Bucharest, Romania
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