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City: New York
Country: United States is a community where people share opinions in both a quantitative and qualitative way through multiple choice questions.

Description lets people ask quantitative questions and answer them. We are building a community that helps startups, SMEs, or regular users make better decisions on a daily basis, whether they are testing an idea, need advice on which logo to choose, what to wear/cook on a special night, or just want to hear the crowd opinion on a a curiosity they’ve always had “Do you believe aliens exist?” “Are you pro/con gay marriage?” “Would you use Google Glasses?”. is crowdsourcing opinions and we are also making it fun for people to contribute!

We keep records of every question submitted, so soon enough you will be able to access a database of curiosities, opinions and decisions around the world to help you with our own decisions or just to provide a fun and informative browsing session.

Through our FB login system and our signup procedure we also have good demographics of our userbase which allows us to display filtered results of any question based on a user’s desired target market. is changing the belief that market research questions are dull and always come from companies, we let the people ask the questions and also allow them to share publicly and openly their opinion. It needs to be mentioned that soon users will be able choose to be anonymous when answering questions so that there are no privacy issues. builds on users’ intrinsic motivation and natural curiosity for human knowledge and offers an overall nice gamified experience to their users, not to mention a lot of interesting facts about people, their friends and their opinions. is an interesting, possible disruptive concept which deserves a try.

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1150 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Floor
New York, United States
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