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City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

An easy to use and affordable render farm for 3D projects.


RenderStreet is the next generation render farm for 3D projects. It was development since January 2012, then in close beta from mid-November 2012 to End of January 2013. The site was launched as open beta in February 2013.

We are disrupting an established market by bringing it to the 21st century. We give our customers a very easy to use interface that hides a lot of the complexity of rendering projects on a render farm. At the same time, our service is affordable and fast.

We are targeting small advertising studios, individual professionals, and architectural studios, segments that traditionally have been neglected by the render farm industry. The industry is focused a lot on the big spenders like bigger movie studios and large agencies.

Our customers are benefiting from the features that set us apart:
– Simple pricing that is easy to understand. Unlike our competition that uses pricing like per GHZ hour or core hour, we use a simple price per server hour that is very easy to understand. And publish the server specs, so they know what they are paying for.
– GPU rendering. GPUs gained a lot of traction in the rendering world, because of their ability to accelerate the computation heavy workloads, such as animations rendering. We use servers with dual Tesla GPU cards that provide speed up of up to 10 times over rendering on CPU
– Our RenderWheels intelligent resource allocation algorithm will allocate servers to jobs continuously, in a dynamic manner, ensuring your jobs are rendered as fast as possible.

Funding to date
Under 10
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Web address
40 Valea Ialomitei Street
Bucharest, Romania
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