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City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

Engagement platform for online publishers and digital content marketers


Rewardial is an online user engagement and loyalty platform. At the moment, our current focus is on the publishing industry – namely WordPress publishing websites that will benefit from rewarding their readers for their time spent on the website. The platform has been designed to offer an engaging experience for the end-user – not only by the simple fact that they get to earn credits for their online activities, but at the same time they can participate in a „Treasure hunt” game.

From an advertising perspective, our aim is to use Rewardial as a digital marketing content platform. We designed our collectibles that are part of the treasure hunt game in such a way as to be able to use that format for nicely packaged advertising messages. As you will see, the format we use is not a standard „banner” type of format, but instead uses a relevant image and quite a big amount of text on its side. This kind of format is not suitable only for the classic „call to action” type of advertising, instead we encourage „brand storytelling” messages, that are not perceived as intrusive by the audience.

With Rewardial, our aim is:
1. On one hand, to help publishers improve important KPIs such as:
– DAU / MAU – by encouraging users to return daily on the website (via rewarding the First login action)
– Pageviews – by rewarding the Read action (for example of an article on a publishing website or a product page in case of an online shop)
– Average time on site – by engaging users in a game within the plugin which runs on the partner website
– Social media presence – by rewarding the Facebook Like and Facebook Share actions

2. And on the other hand, to help advertisers improve consumer engagement with their brands portfolio, by offering an innovative alternative to classical online advertising and automated bloggers outreach (throughout the blogging community that uses our WordPress plugin).

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Bucharest, Romania
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