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Successify is a London-based startup founded by a team of passionate people who strongly believe that young creative people with entrepreneurial dreams need a different framework for implementing their ideas.

At Successify, we are creating a global community of young creative doers by offering them an integrated infrastructure which allows them to clarify their motivation for executing their creative ideas and acquire the basic knowledge and use the suitable tools for implementing their ideas into start-up projects.

Successify is set up as a pre-startup environment for young, aspiring entrepreneurs aiming at becoming the central point for all the pre-startup education an aspiring entrepreneur would need.

It is a place designed to empower young idea-makers to put more of their ideas into practice. We focus on building a bridge between the birth of an idea and its implementation, by providing three essential ingredients to the success sauce:

+ a mentorship programs to help young people clarify their motivation (that “Why do it at all?” thing) and have the commitment to develop their ideas from a very early stage;
+ a hub to provide essential knowledge-set, based on the best practical entrepreneurial skill-boosting content existing in the market now;
+ access to some suitable tools that an aspiring entrepreneur can use to test and manage the development of their idea into a real business project.

Successify’s Mission
Successify’s mission is to cover the gap between the personal creativity of these young people and their abilities to execute on their ideas. This is what we call the pre-startup environment and we believe it is the essential point for creating more successful entrepreneurs in the future.

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