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City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

Waldo is an intelligent alarm system for urban cyclists that keeps you connected to your bike anytime, anywhere.


Has it ever happened to you to go for a bike ride in a sunny day, stop for five minutes at a shop to get an ice-cream, and then return just to see that your bike was missing? Unfortunately, for some of you the answer is Yes. It sure happened to us, and the feeling was not great at all. So we decided to do something about this.

That’s why we are creating Waldo – an intelligent alarm system for urban cyclists that keeps you connected to your bike anytime, anywhere. It is comprised of a device that is mounted on the bike and a mobile app. If someone is tampering with the bike, it triggers a loud alarm to scare off potential thieves and warn people nearby. Moreover, it notifies you on your smartphone. If the bike does get stolen, you can track it via GPS using the mobile app. Unlike any other device, Waldo focuses on prevention. It is visible, so that the thief knows there’s an extra layer of protection. Moreover, the loud alarm, combined with the notification that has a virtually unlimited range, are very strong assets in deterring the thief. He will have a hard time removing the device, as it is placed in a tamper-resistant case and is electronically locked from the inside of the case.

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