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Simple & Effective Room Booking Software


YArooms is a web based booking software package that makes it easy for you to manage rooms and resources and to book a room anywhere, even if it is in a different time zone or location.

With a granular permissions system, your workforce can easily see what is available, where and when. YArooms takes care of the double booking issue.


1.Real Time Saver

With an advanced interface, designed to save time, your users can book a conference room in less than a minute. Color coding, room occupation preview and the smart search are just a few of the features that make YArooms save your company a lot of hours every week.

2.User Flexibility

YArooms allows for granular access of your users to the meeting rooms by organizing users into types and soon groups. Meeting rooms can have owners, restricted users will require approval from the room owners for each meeting.

3.Easy Planning

As each meeting room belongs to a location, or time zone, booking the right place for the right time is very easy. YArooms offers at a glance availability for a day, week or month and booking resources, or equipment, with a meeting can be done in seconds. The user interface is designed for people.

4.Usable & Secure

All information stored on YArooms the web based booking software is safe and secure, and will only be viewed by those with a need to know. Data is backed up automatically on an hourly basis, and access is only by a secure https connection and a top-level security certificate.

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