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Zimplu CRM
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

Web-based CRM for Dummies - Sales Made Easy


Zimplu CRM is a web-based application for Contact Management, Sales Management and Customer Support.

With a friendly interface and easy to use, Zimplu helps you remember to follow-up on your leads, keep control of your customer data, monitor the company’s sales performances and provide a high quality customer support.

-Access from anywhere.
-Nothing to download or install.
-5 to unlimited users.
-1GB to 30GB of storage space.
-Unlimited contacts.
-Unlimited companies.
-Unlimited deals.
-Unlimited support tickets.
-Very easy to use.
-Import and export database.
-Contact management.
-Task management.
-Customer support.
-Sales goals.
-Customized fields.
-Customized columns visibility.
-Follow companies and discussions.
-Email Dropbox, emails you send to contacts go in Zimplu too.
-Reports and analytics.
-Track opportunities.
-Track salesmen performances.
-Access it from any device.
-Group contacts in your database.
-User manual.
-Employee attendance.
-Email customer support.

Funding to date
Between 10-50
Looking for...
Web address
Alexandru Donici 24
Bucharest, Romania
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