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FinTech Camp Hackathon
City: Iasi
Country: Romania
From: 11/25/2019 to: 11/26/2019

The first hackathon in Romania aimed at disrupting the financial industry


We start by organizing a FREE hackathon: in Iasi, Romania.

****what is FinTech?***
Financial Technology.
Think about Paypal, Stripe, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Venmo, anything related to financial: from boring banking software to thrilling peer-to-peer digital lending platforms and smart contracts.

****what is FinTech Camp?***
The brand name of our event and community.

***where and when?***
The 1st edition will be in IASI, Romania on 6-8 May 2016. The 2nd edition is already scheduled for Finland in summer 2016 and next one is in Bucharest in fall 2016.

***what is a hackathon?***
FinTech Camp Hackathon is a, absolutely FREE two-day challenge for the best programmers in Romania that want to be part of a new FinTech movement in the East Europe.

***who is organizing it?***
Fintech enthusiasts from Romanian startups and companies like: Minutizer Pay Per Minute, SmartX Net Apps, Salt Edge Inc., Clever Taxi and Finland Fintech

***Any prizes?***
Sure thing! $x,000 for place 1 and also for place 2. $x00 value for place 3. Stay tuned for the x-s.

***who can participate?***
Tech developers and Business-oriented people that want to build something together for the Fintech space.

Places are limited, there’s a selection in place, so register while you can!

***what can/should you build in this hackathon?***
Anything related to fintech.

Here are some ideas:
– most of the people work every day but get paid only at the end of the month. Why shouldn’t we use the tech available today to pay employees at the end of each day? Or every hour. Or minute.
– how easy and cheap could Romanians that live abroad send money back home or pay the bills for their families here in Romania?
– Slack, Skype, Kik, Facebook Messenger bots are the new hot trend right now. How can you build one to help users pay for stuff or send/exchange money to others?
– blockchain or ethereum can be used today to have a decentralized version of almost anything. what would you like to descentralize?

More info on the event’s website:

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Event Location
The Grape - 55 Vasile Lupu, Etaj 2, 700309
Iasi, Romania
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