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Open Connect
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
All Year Round

Networking, pitching and mentoring meetings for online entrepreneurs, media people, curious, coders, web designers.


OpenConnect is an open space where people can meet, pitch, mentor others and provide feedback. As a matter of fact, feedback is the most important byproduct of OpenConnect. Usual audience is around 70 people in the location and 3000 viewers of the live stream (as of March 2013).

We meet each Thursday from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM at the Starbucks Mall Vitan, Bucharest. Summer pause between June and August.

The structure:

– ice-breaking, each attendee will tell his name, occupation, what can provide to the Oc community and what he expects from it.
– pitches: 4 slots, 1 minute each. A pitch can contain anything, a personal presentation, a project, an idea, an event, as long as the pitcher is keeping it under 1 minute and he’s prepared to face the feedback from the audience
– mentoring: 8 minute of a free talk on a certain topic, on which the mentor is an expert. We had mentoring on intellectual property, angel investing and search engine optimization, but also on Argentine tango, improvisation or how to create a press release.
– networking: one to one interaction, partnerships inquiries, casual talks

The event is about...
Technology, in general
Looking for...
Event Location
Calea Vitan nr. 55-59
Bucharest, Romania

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