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City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
From: 05/28/2013 to: 05/28/2013

VentureConnect has set up a pitching event which periodically brings together a number of pre-screened entrepreneurs (or entrepreneurial teams) with potential investors in order to maximize and ensure direct business and results-oriented interaction.


In two years,VentureConnect has become a milestone for local entrepreneurial initiatives and an investment hub for Eastern Europe, facilitating two venture investments and paving the way for over112 other entrepreneurial projects for the investor’s community.

This spring, entrepreneurs and investors meet at Grand Cinema Digiplex, Room 11, Floor 1 at Baneasa Shopping City on 28th May. We are uplifting the event location and making sure all pitching entrepreneurs feel just as Steve Jobs himself.
Starting with this spring and in addition to the collaboration of VentureConnect – Ziarul Financiar, we are giving our pitching session a new spin with two tracks: up to 12 promising entrepreneurial projects from Romania and the region.

First, we welcome early stage start-ups looking for quality networking, extensive training courses, result-driven feedback and seed investments. Next, we are happy to have on stage more mature companies, with a more elaborate service or product in search of venture capital to expand their business network in Romania and international markets.

Is your business changing the Tech/IT/Online ecosystem? Are you looking for feedback and business mentoring? Interested in seed or venture investments? Looking for extensive and long-lasting business partnerships?

Apply Now:!
For additional information, please contact Alexandra Dumitru, Project Manager VentureConnect at

The event is about...
Technology, in general
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Event Location
Bucuresti-Ploiesti, nr.42D
Bucharest, Romania
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