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3D Printare Scanare
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

3D Prototyping, Printing and Scanning, 3D Printers and auxiliary equipments design and manufacturing


3D Printare Scanare is a romanian start-up which offers services for 3D Prototyping, Printing and Scanning. The balanced team that works here always tries (and usually succeeds) to bring to reality all kinds of classic or crazy projects that customers want to create.

The main market is in Bucharest (the city where the headquarter is), but they work for customers located anywhere in Romania (and even EU). By offering quality products and being open about the lobby that needs to be done for this technology (and other innovative technologies) in this part of Europe, they managed to secure different partnerships with SMEs from Romania that try to bring and implement all kinds of new technologies in Romania.

Besides the three main services, the company is working to a 3D Printer built entirely by them, and also different equipments necessary in a 3D Printing business.

With more than 70 years of school combined between the members of the team, they strongly believe that a change is needed in the education system in Romania, and in this manner they make free-of-charge presentations with innovative technologies in public and private schools, trying to open the minds of the people that manage that schools.

Funding to date
Under 10
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8 Banu Udrea Street
Bucharest, Romania
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