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59sec helps companies answer leads under 59 seconds.


What is 59sec?
59sec is a monthly service that helps companies worldwide to dramatically improve the response time for new leads (under 59 seconds). That means MUCH more sales and MANY more happy clients.

Why is important to respond FAST to enquirers from potential clients?
A study made by MIT and Kellogg shows that if you answer your leads qualification later than sooner, you lose a lot of sales. The qualification rate decreases 21x from 5 to 30 minutes! This is HUGE.

59sec features:
– notifications: site alerts, push notifications via the mobile app, emails,
– entry sources: contact forms and emails (for now)
– Boss notifications: if the sales agents are not answering a lead in a specified time-frame, the boss is announced.
– users: sales agents and bosses (administrators)
– Leads to be answered: a real time updated list with all the leads that needs to be answered. The update is done via Ajax. After the lead is grabbed by one of the sales agents, the lead is removed in real time from the list and appears under the CRM tab
– CRM: a simple CRM where you can manage the leads and sales…
– Statistics: so the sales manager can monitor the performance of the sales team. Average response time can generate bonuses or penalties.
– Many other

How does it work?
a. Alex (a potential client)sends a new lead (via contact form or via email)
b. 59sec notifies all sales agents (via iPhone and Android push notifications, via site alert, email)
c. First available agent (Sarah) grabs the lead, while it’s fresh. The counter stops. Hi Alex, I’m Sarah. I saw that you are interested in our product. Let me help you…
d. Jonny is amazed. “Wow. I just sent the lead. You are VERY fast and I like it!
e. In the CRM, the lead is nurtured to become a sale. Sarah is updating the lead status in the CRM “I sent the offer to Jonny. Tomorrow I’ll follow up. Looks promising”
f. Sarah’s Boss monitors the performance of the sales team.
i. John’s average answer time is 2h 45’ 23” – he needs more motivation
ii. Sarah’s average time is 38” – Sarah will get a bonus
iii. Jeff’s average answer time is 1’ 58” – Good, but not perfect.

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