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Digital solutions for mental health in the workplace.


Emotional health and mental wellbeing are becoming indispensable in today’s work environments. Job requirements are changing and as a consequence, the pressure put on employees and companies is becoming bigger.
The costs of ill mental health are increasing, placing the problem at more than 1 trillion $ / year, according to the latest World Health Organization report.
Acertivo is bringing emotional wellbeing closer to companies and their employees and is making mental healthcare accessible to employees, regardless of the hierarchcy. Acertivo is addressing emotional health in the workplace, through customizable, evidence-based protocols.
The platform enables employees to go through emotional transformational tracks, and users can start with a general assessment and work on individual emotional skills or delve right into a topic of concern and build their emotional fitness, one track at a time.
The topics we cover go from burn-out, to stress resilience, flexibility to managing yourself during a conflict and learn how to have meaningful relations with people in your company and beyond.
Users will have a short assessment in the beginning and then will choose a topic to work on. In that topic, they will be redirected to cover various skills according to their interest and our recommendation.
Follow up will be available regularly so that the experience is as customizable as possible.

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Lunca Bradului 1, bld. H1, entr. 4, floor 2, ap. 71, district 3, Bucharest
Bucharest, Romania
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