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“Quantified me” as a single-player game


Humanity ‘s journey through time and space is possible to have reached a point where not sharing a higher and deeper horizon is no longer a philosophical question, but rather our biggest and most crucial current challenge. In the next decades, solving global problems such as the environmental impact on earth or biosphere and our technological impact on our inner and outer selves, would require to reach in a very short period of time an enormous individual and collective wisdom balanced by increased awareness capabilities.
If there is to succeed, we could imagine an environmental integrated Humanity mostly composed by whole individuals with high capabilities to heartfeel and explosive capabilities to brainthink on how to navigate toward a shared horizon.
If there is to fail, we could imagine an environmental decoupled Humanity mostly composed by lost, anxious individuals caught in a tech-accelerated down spiral toward infinite ways to nowhere.

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Series B
Under 10
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Strada Jandarmeriei 14, 013896
Bucharest, Romania
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