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AMSIMCEL – Accelerating Systems Verification
City: Paris
Country: France

AMSIMCEL works on the next generation of IC verification software.


As a young company founded in 2017, AMSIMCEL already won a Start-up Nation Romania founding grant and was selected in the Romanian Commerce Ministry Internationalization Program.
Our company is working on a software product that speeds up the process of physical verification of integrated circuits (ICs). Physical verification is the process of checking if an IC design meets the required criteria prior to manufacturing.
It is worth to notice that we tend to overlook that most of the digital advances we experimented in the last two decades (mobile devices, AI, autonomous cars, IoT, big data) would have not been possible without the evolution of ICs (processors, memories, batteries). However, while the IC design field has known its fair share of evolution (mostly due to technology shrinking), the verification and validation fields are lacking behind. In fact today it is commonly accepted that the verification and validation steps are the leading factor of the time to market of an electronic product.
To address this issue, we invented a novel physical verification software algorithm that provides faster results, surpassing the other tools on the market even by an order of magnitude. The core of our tool consists in running the simulations on GPUs (Graphic Processor Units), thus leveraging their powerful computing capabilities. A proof-of-concept implementation of a Design Rule Checking ( based on the aforementioned framework shows that our approach is fast, scalable to multiple GPU devices, can handle large circuits design and can accommodate all kind of rules needed by the industry. Furthermore, by replacing CPUs by GPUs, our customers will benefit from important energy savings.
Our product has the potential to significantly reduce IC manufacturing time, which directly influences the time to market and cost of a finite electronic product. One can see that this “line of improvements” can have a huge impact on all industries relying on electronics.

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35 Rue d'Artois, 75008 Paris, France
Paris, France
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