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Business Elevate
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

We make business look simple


You can find us on the internet with our product:

BusinessElevate is a first of its kind business solution that will provide in-depth organization, information and process mapping, regardless of process complexity and company dimensions. By using our approach you will experience new ways for organization and process mapping that will provide an efficient alternative to old methodologies like war-rooms, face to face interviews and experts meetings. Most importantly, Business Elevate will help your organization become more transparent and will sustain process improvement efforts on a global level in the company.
Our product also is used in company communications, employee to employee and company to employee.

How we differentiate from our competition?
Our product: Every employee of a company will create an online profile with general data. Then he will enter the type of work requests he handles, what information he needs for each type of request, what activities he does for each type of request and most importantly, who he interacts with in the processes. Every connection and activity an employee enters will be transformed in a swim-lane process map and other graphs, like organigram, world map, department map, etc.
The platform works after the SIPOC methodology and it allows for the first time for everybody to see how the company looks like.

The competition: Every other products on the market provide static diagrams with no real-time changes. Also no product on the market can allow employees to define the company, as every graph is created by a few experts in the company. This is very time consuming and doesn’t have the desired impact in the company, as most of the employees still don’t know their place in the company, who does what activity and how the processes work.

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Under 10
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