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City: Laval
Country: France is an internet start-up connecting businessmen and opportunities across Europe.


Businessoo (b i z n i s j u:), is an ambitious Business 2 Business Project, a mobile and web platform providing business search and matching in Europe. is the expression of digital times we live, where information means power and is the fundament of quick decisions, the direct expression of nowadays world. The explosion of the Internet (now over 50% of Population in Europe), Mobile Internet ( 95% of Population in Europe – 2015 prediction), European Union and new rules of doing business are the three main factors that determined this project. is a search engine providing business contacts results (multiple languages), people representing verified companies, together with important information about location, distance where products and services are available, communication languages, other important details, providing a quick business connection (SMS, Phone, Push, Social Media, Automatic Form, Facebook Message, etc)
The startup will provide an alerting system, where you set your favorite search and you get results every time when matching your criteria in Europe. The accuracy and the rules of alerting are set by users. will constitute a system of Clusters where quality information emerges, for your company, for your industry, for your activity, for your behavior, extracting data used in Business Intelligence.
It is dedicated to business owners, business connectors and people in buying and selling departments. Business exposure, business opportunities and commercial flux generation are the three main reasons of using this service.

Our customers are people involved in business activity, using internet or mobile smart phones , understanding that international connectivity enhances their daily actions. They know our brand is providing them a quick quality business connection, by using a business search engine in their own language (26 in Europe).
We will create a profitable company using a business model tailored on pay-as-you-use criteria, with small and micro-payments involved.
Our values stays in the “keep it simple” philosophy, leaving the use efficient without any complexity constraints, “keep it healthy”, delivering only updated information, “keep it decent”, preventing to make from this startup a bubble, but a tool people like and use. We understand that our force is coming from handling the search engine.
That’s why we will focus on innovation in two major directions : linguistic algorithms, for a better matching in words and understanding, and Bayesian algorithms, providing artificial intelligence in using the system. Being aware of businessmen needs, we will provide services for main interests: exposing company information (listings and classifications); connecting opportunities (alerts); business intelligence (virtual clusters).
The market is 25 mil. SME in Europe, where we have also a pretty high e-Readiness coefficient. Our target is to penetrate 5% of this market in the next 3 years and to reach 500k users end of 2015. The breakpoint in relevant information is estimated at 10k users, a defy for our start-up.

In order to achieve our objectives, we will leverage our ability to develop the prototypes, managing the project, developing the international network and connecting the dots. We recognize the importance of having a clear vision for the company’s management and believe that our business studies (Bucharest Economics Academy MBA) will enable us to make informed business decisions.

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Laval, France
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