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City: Oradea
Country: Romania is a consumer credit aggregation platform for physical retailers and services providers offering point-of-sales financing to their customers.

Description is a credit aggregation platform for physical retailers and services providers offering pos financing to their customers.
We offer retailers a user-friendly product interface, Increased sales, average ticket size and happier customers through increased approval rates due to multiple lenders and the chance to have the potential to create dedicated campaigns for end customers already For service providers, we give access to financing options so far reserved to a limitednumber of retail segments, reducing the risk of client loss due to pricing concerns also with potential to create and use specific financing programs with existing lenders. For banks, we provide a platform that allows onboarding for new consumer/instalment credit cards, does not require a lengthy contract with a large number of small retailers and an opportunity to identify the right client for their product, micro-targeting and differentiation, protecting also own clients by identifying them at the purchase moment. For non-banking financial institutions, we can get access to sizeable dispersed market difficult to target through traditional channels, an opportunity to develop custom products, an independent platform allowing you to maximize own benefits – the speed of reply, branding, etc

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Titus Popovici 10 Oradea, 410155
Oradea, Romania
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