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eRepublik Labs
City: Madrid
Country: Spain

eRepublik Labs is dedicated to crafting multiplayer gaming worlds for strategy gamers.


The company’s mission is crafting strategy game worlds that are accessible, engaging and leverage the power of communities., its first massive online social strategy game, is set in a mirror version of the real world and has 4 million registered users. is a global massively multiplayer online game where players can participate in a variety of daily activities. Citizens of the New World can be employees, own businesses, form political parties, vote in elections, become party presidents, members of Congress or country presidents, write newspaper articles and even go to war as citizens of virtual versions of real life countries. The game has very few visual elements and is primarily text-based in nature.

Upon joining, a citizen picks which virtual country he wishes to join. Each of these countries is named after an actual country in the real world, and is generally located similarly (warfare may cause certain regional displacements). The citizen then seeks employment at a company within that country, and is allowed the opportunity to train as a soldier for that country. Training, and working at a company is done on a daily basis. One of the main drawing points of the website is that it takes a mere “14 minutes a day” to participate.

eRepublik Gold is a fictional currency used in the eRepublik World. It is the main reference point for all the local virtual currencies (examples: USD, GBP) and it is used to buy additional features (such as companies) within the New World. It can be obtained freely by reaching certain levels or achievements, or purchased with real life currency. Many users have expressed dislike over the changes to the game which requires gold to use.

“The New World: A new war is about to begin. You can STOP it… or start it.”

Funding to date
Series A
Between 10-50
Looking for...
Other opportunities
Madrid, Spain

George Lemnaru
(No longer with the company)
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