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City: Hamburg
Country: Germany

The marketplace for value-added services. A platform that helps businesses offer amazing customer experience.



Etvas (a conjunction between “et” (lat: and) and “VAS” (en: value-added services) is a company based in Hamburg, which helps businesses bring added value to their customers.
Etvas is a digital marketplace for value-add services. Value-add services complement other products and services to make them more attractive, i.e. Cyber-Monitoring for Cyber-Insurances, Buyback Guarantees for electronic devices or airport lounge access as part of a premium credit card. In our platform, we connect all providers of value-add services with businesses that want to provide more value to their customers for better loyalty and higher income.
FOR BUSINESS PARTNERS: Explore. Select. Integrate.
Configuring value-added services should be that easy. Etvas brings all the relevant providers into ONE marketplace so that our business partners only have to find their ideal service and offer it to their customers with ease. Save time and effort sourcing, contracting & integrating service providers, cutting back costs and decreasing service integration time from 1.5 years to 1 month.
FOR VAS PROVIDERS: Integrate once and let clients reach you.
Etvas gives access to all of our business partners with one platform integration. As a service partner, companies are granted full access to a marketplace with endless ways of improving revenue via an all-inclusive sales channel with minimal effort.
FOR END CUSTOMERS: One Single Sign On to enter the whole world of services which make the everyday life of users more comfortable, safer, cheaper and more fun.

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Series B
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Specksaalredder 6d, Hamburg 22397, DE
Hamburg, Germany
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