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Frisbo - e-fulfillment services


Let us worry about storage, order processing, invoicing, packing and shipping to all the clients of your online store.
Inventory storage
You choose the warehouse best suited to your needs and location. One that is closer to your import market will lower your cost of transport to the storage facility. One that is in the middle of your marketplace ensures a better delivery time. Specific products (like food) need special storage conditions.
We safely store the products in conformity with their specifications. Our team respects all regulations regarding the packing and storing of different kinds of merchandise. All products are checked at arrival and registered into your administration, which you have access to in real time. Anytime, you can see the quantity, quality, size and weight of your merchandise.
We store your products in the best conditions. All goods are protected by insurance and our warehouses respect all security norms.
We import your orders
We provide a system that optimizes the connection between your store and your clients.
You choose the way your orders are imported:
Directly from your online store through connectors for Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, eMag Marketplace and others;
By manually introducing your orders into Frisbo app;
By integration with Frisbo app through API
We invoice, we pack and we ship
We issue invoices in your name to the final customers and we prepare all the documentation that is needed for delivery. You can check your documents anytime with Frisbo app.
We can quickly pack all products ordered by a client due to our management system that allows us to quickly track the products and their location in our warehouse.
Customized packing materials, that you provide, with your logo or with any other identification elements you desire, can be used for your parcels. We can include your advertising materials in every parcel that we send. This way you can start direct mailing campaigns through your deliveries.
We ship the goods through the courier delivery company of your choice.
Our mission is to ease your work and to link your store with your clients.
You can track all orders
From the dashboard of Frisbo app, you can view the status of your orders and their real time passage through all steps of processing and shipping.
You receive data and regular reports regarding the performance of your online store, orders, returns and stocks.
Invoices can be downloaded directly from the app, to be imported into your accounting system.
Extra Services
We can label your merchandise with bar codes, translations and other requested information.
Courier Mediation
Frisbo mediates the collaboration of your online store with several courier services at preferential prices. Check the terms and conditions of transport with our collaborators.

Funding to date
Series C
Between 10-50
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Web address
15 Noiembrie 38, 500096
Brasov, Romania
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