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City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

IziBac is a freemium, gamified mobile app that aims to bring back the joy of learning.


IziBAC is a mobile application that aims to facilitate learning for the Baccalaureate exam. Through a quiz test, students will be able to simulate the exam or to play with with colleagues. The emphasis will be on providing systematized and cross-disciplinary information, all wrapped in a gamified experience, which aims to bring back the pleasure of the study. Moreover, users will have access to multimedia content based on mandatory curricula to help them study for the exam in a way that takes into account the mental structure of new generations – focus on multimedia content, mobility and accessibility, appropriate segmentation of lessons. As a long-term perspective, we aim to develop and integrate a peer-to-peer learning community to capture the value created by the individual user, capitalizing on the shortcomings of the current education system and the need to digitize education in society. We provide a near-effortless learning experience through an educational game. The user is captivated by the game mechanics, and at the end of the playing session, he/she realizes how much they learned. That is our key value proposition – bringing back the joy of learning through a mobile educational game.

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Bucharest, Romania
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