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City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

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Our mission is bringing value to the table for entrepreneurs around the world.
Team’s main assets are the entrepreneurial mindset “We can do better”, the customer-centered approach to problem solving and the agile way that underlines our efforts.

We nurture and take responsibility for businesses by:
– growing startups from ground up
– give them a head-start with our deploy-able language-agnostic framework stacks
– providing technical and business know-how for finding the shortest path to accomplish the objectives.

Our technical capabilities cover extensively all the requirements and nice-to-haves for any startup:
Mobile-first, offline-first web development
Hybrid and Native mobile development, including library development
Automated testing
Maintenance and site reliability

Jiratech’s success stories consists in 10+ startups that entrusted us.
Together, we designed and implemented robust solutions for clients in Romania, US and Germany.
The domains of activity includes accounting, smart automation, tourism, IoT and telecommunications.

Funding to date
Under 10
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Bucharest, Romania
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Chili Piper is the first Buyer Enablement platform.
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We help people to do more in less time by automating the manual processes in companies.
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