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List It is an online marketplace specifically designed to buy and sell electronics, combining the safety and effectiveness of an online store.


List it is the marketplace where your electronics can be sold in a friendly and organized environment. Our services are designed to be used by anyone, both individuals and businesses. Our mission is to create a medium where trust, transparency and simplicity are the corner stones of our community. We see this as the next logical step in the evolution of what we consider as e-commerce.
Our focus is solely on electronics, a characteristic which is unique among online marketplaces in Romania. This brings a benefit both to individuals and businesses, in the sense that by doing this we are able to sustain a community where trading is safe, efficient and professional. To this end, we have developed a very comprehensive database that helps eliminate the confusion that arises when a product is inappropriately advertised. The seller only has to introduce the product’s name and our database will automatically find what he wants to sell. This way, our users can no longer be misled by inaccurate or untrue descriptions. We save our customers’ time by helping them avoid useless conversations with the other party, as the whole transaction can be completed online.
Another added benefit is the fact that finding a product in our marketplace is as easy as finding it in an electronic retailer’s online store. Having a database has enabled us to create a system of filters that can be used to find a product based on its characteristics, as opposed to searching for a product only based on its name. Sellers are also able to post videos of their item, not just photos, to encourage transparency. In this way it has become easy for users to find and choose their desired product.
To enforce this community we use a system of ratings. Each user can rate a seller after they have completed a transaction. This is very important for us as it keeps the marketplace clean and sincere, which is in the consumers’ interest, and so in ours. Also, we internally validate users’ e-mails and phone numbers in order to eliminate unwanted activities.
In conclusion, we aim to save our customers: time, money and the well-known hassle of buying or selling something online. We don’t only take into account the financial aspect but more so the experience as a whole; this is what we consider adds value to our concept.

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