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Connecting Radiologists with patients and their treating physician,


Today it is difficult for patients to receive an accurate/efficient medical scan diagnostic and increasingly expensive for hospitals to provide them. There are several problems ranging from transmission and storage of these scans (as they are very large) to them being interpreted by a radiologist. MedicAI platform wants to solve exactly that. We want to help patients manage their medical scans, connect with a service provider and get an interpretation and allow hospitals to provide them at a low cost.
We want to use the data generated by patient-radiologist interactions to develop AI solutions that automate the time-consuming parts of the radiologist’s daily activity.
The solution integrates with medical clinics and allows them to send medical imagery to patients directly through their own platform or to collaborate with other clinics. Currently, 150 doctors use MedicAI, and 20% open it at least once a day.

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Series B
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