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City: Cluj-Napoca
Country: Romania

Interactive avatar-based chatting for iPhone and Android


Don’t know if you’ve heard, but it’s kind of a big deal. MimeChat is finally here and it’s gonna redefine,revolutionize, and rev up the way you chat with your friends, family, and frenemies!
From now on, when you’re in the mood to communicate whatever is on that thoughtful, imaginative mind of yours in a crazy, funny, random, absurd, intriguing way, MimeChat is a must! You may like emoji and animated stickers, but the interactive avatars of MimeChat that represent you, and move as cool and funky as you want them to, are a whole new dimension!

And that’s not all! You can customize your avatar with a ton of groovy / freaky / fantastic costumes, hair­dos, and accessories that scream “This is what I’m all about!” Of course, what you were all about 10 minutes ago may not be what you’re all about 10 minutes from now, which is why MimeChat offers a near­-endless amount of ways for you to express yourself. Feel like picking a fight with your older brother? Don a sumo costume and tell him what’s up! Itching to do the Batman Twist in an outfit that would be outrageous in 26 countries? Find something slinky, put on your party pants, and give a shout­out to your boyfriend, boss, bestie, and anyone else who doesn’t think you can cut a rug in your boho top.

Check out MimeChat on the App Store and/or Google Play Then spread the word to a friend or three. Some you may want to high­five. Others you may want to fish slap (bam! – you have no idea what that is, do you?)
Some may require more than just your avatar playing guitar in a raspberry beret and Capri pants, which is why we’ve included an audio feature. Yes, that’s right – you can spice up your chat experience with sound.
Which means MimeChat is sorta like talking to someone in real ­life, except the chances for a random explosion of spontaneous hilarity are much higher!

MimeChat is all about fun and communication. And funny communication. And having fun with everyone in your life via imaginative animation sequences created solely by you. Get more out of your chat experience.

MimeChat is hip, happening, hot, and 100% awesome!

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Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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